Sessions and Pricing

Free consultation.

A free consultation is either offered: over the phone and take between 30-50 mins. This can help you determine which treatment option is the best course of treatment for you. To book your free consultation please use the contact form.

Face-to-Face consultation.

If you would prefer to meet face-to-face this can be arranged by phone. A face-to-face consultation will cost £10 and can be paid ont the day. To book your face-to-face consultation please use the contact form.

Session structure.

I advise for all treatments a minimum of three to six sessions to gain the best possible results from either hypnotherapy or counselling. It might be that some issues need longer to resolve. If so, I can tailor treatments to tackle long term issues.

After six sessions I always periodically review treatments to ensure that you are getting the best from your treatment and we can address all issues.

Goal based therapy.

It is my aim to help you discover and reach your desired goals. This might be to cure a phobia of spiders, be more assertive; whatever the goal, I will discuss you needs with you and use a variety of techniques to promote your well being, and get you back on the right track.



Hypnotherapy TreatmentCost 
Free consultation FREE  
Face-to-Face consultation £10  
A hypnotherapy session £50 Buy Now Read More
Stop Smoking ( 2 hour session) £150 Buy Now Read More
Pain Management (2 hr session) £80 Buy Now Read More
Anxiety Treatment (per session) £50 Buy Now Read More
Personalised Hypnotherapy CD £25 Buy Now
Relaxation CD £25 Buy Now
Counselling TreatmentCost 
Free Consultation FREE
Face-to-Face consultation £10  
Standard Counselling Session / Face to Face CBT £50 Buy NowRead More
Telephone Counselling (per call) £55 Buy NowRead More
Counselling Email (per therapeutic email) £55 Buy NowRead More
Email Counselling (x10 emails + 20% discount) £400 Buy NowRead More
CBT Email (per therapeutic email) £50 Buy Now Read More
CBT Email (bulk buy x10 +20% discount) £400 Buy Now Read More

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