What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is: 'An artificially induced state of relaxation and concentration in which deeper parts of the mind become more accessible. It is used clinically to reduce reaction anxiety, pain and remove unwanted behaviours.

How does it work?

Once the mind has been relaxed sufficiently, i.e. when you are in a gentle sleep like state, it can be redirected to focus on mental processes and unwanted behaviours and gently, with the client's consent to make positive changes.

What does hypnosis feel like?

I have often been asked what it is like to be hypnotised and what it feels like. The truth is each hypnotic trance is unique for each person. A client has said it is like when you are asleep and you reach to press the snooze, button, you're not asleep but not quite awake either. You are aware of what is going on around you but you do so in a relaxed fashion.

I have found this to be a very good description, as it the analogy portrays the feeling very well and also highlights the fact that you are in control of the process. If you want to wake up you can and that is also true of being placed in a hypnotic trance. 

How can it help me?

Hypnosis is a treatment that can specifically allow you to focus on an issue and explore it further or alter the behaviour altogether. My aim is to allow people to begin again, free from negativity so that you have all the freedom to live a healthy, meaningful life.

Will I lose control while I am in a hypnotic state?

No. In a hypnotic trance the client is in full control. If at any point you are required to break a trance you can. 

Can you hypnotise me to do anything? 

Again, no. I am a hypnotherapist, and as such I am a facilitator; I can only help you with what you what help with. For example, if you want to stop biting your nails. I can in no way force you to do anything unethical, e.g. commit a crime, change a belief or sexual orientation.

What will a usual session consist of? 

A hypnotherapy session will include a 30 minute free consultation. If you are then happy to proceeded with treatment I will send you a consultation form to fill out via email. We will then in the first session go through your issues in depth and plan a course of treatment for you. Each hypnotherapy and counselling session lasts approximately 1 hour.

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