Phoenix courses

Phoenix therapy you would like to welcome you to our latest and most exciting venture to date. As an organisation that works in the therapeutic field, we understand the need for continued professional development as a way to keep professionals up-to-date with the latest techniques and skills to make them some of the most astute and gifted therapists of our time.

We have therefore decided to compile a collection of CPD courses that aim to support therapists by providing key knowledge in specific areas to allow them to develop their own skill set to allow them not only to meet the necessary continued professional development limit of the year but also allow them to develop the skills that interest you to make the most effective practice possible.

To give all of our perspective course attendees full confidence in our training materials, all of our training materials are externally verified by the ACCPH. This independent body vigorously examines the course for uniqueness, CPD applicability, content, methods of assessment, relevance and course levelling to ensure that each and every therapist undertakes one of our courses are paying for quality.  So far today ACCPH assessors have described the materials that we have provided to them as ‘very well written and extremely detailed.’; this is a standard which we constantly aim to achieve with each course.

Each course is given a breakdown to see if the course is suitable for you. In this breakdown, you’ll be given an overview of what is covered, ACCPH information such as levelling and CPD hours which can be applied to this course, as well as other key information such as our reasonable fees.

Courses may be taken optionally either face-to-face or via distance learning and payment can be made simply by check, PayPal or bank transfer. This is to remove all the stress and strain of an enrolment process so that you can get down to the fun part of learning about something new. On successful completion of the course, you will be given your own CBD certificate to prove that you have completed the course and also verify the number of hours which you have undertaken. 

Please feel free to browse our available courses and venture into the world of fun learning.

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