Introduction to therapists working effectively in the therapeutic field

When you are newly qualified in the field of therapy, be it hypnotherapy, counselling or something similar, there is no greater passion and energy that follows embarking on a new career, where your primary goal will be to help people overcome their issues and make a better life for themselves. It can also be kind of scary, as now you are a fully qualified therapist you have to abide by Data Protection laws, ethical constraints, meeting different types of people, and referral processes: the whole shebang can be quite overwhelming.

This course speaks to the future therapists, the newly qualified, or the therapist who wants to make sure that they are doing a good job. Understanding the world and understanding human beings whilst balancing that with the professional requirements thereof are tricky chemistry to master. Another downside is that when you’re on your own and just starting out there are so many things to recall and make note of. If you need a comprehensive guide to working as a therapist within the United Kingdom then this is the course for you.

Nothing is more saddening for me than when a therapist says ‘I am fully qualified, but I haven’t got the confidence to practice’; on hearing this my heart sinks. This course will provide you with an extensive knowledge gained from many years of working within the therapeutic field, and I pass it on to you, so that when you begin to practice you feel confident, know what to do and where to go for help, and that you will become the most effective therapist that you can be.

This course covers 10 areas:

  1. Fundamentals – what I need before I start
  2. Confidentiality and GDPR
  3. Record keeping /Contracts
  4. Child protection issues and working with other serious matters
  5. Health and Safety – personal safeguarding and boundaries
  6. Working from home
  7. Working from premises
  8. Working for an agency
  9. Contra-indicators and when to refer
  10. CPD and professional development.

You’ll be sent a booklet that contains a bank of foundation knowledge that you can take with you throughout the rest of your career and continually add to it to further your own professional development. It also offers a comprehensive bibliography and points of referral so that you can feel confident in the vital job that you do.

Assessment takes the form of multiple-choice questions, and fifteen expanded answer questions so you know that you have understood and can apply the knowledge you have gained.

Along with that, here are some of the other benefits:

  • participate in a fully accredited course
  • have hours which you can count towards your continued professional development
  • it’s distance learning, so you choose the time and place to study
  • you’ll be given a detailed mark scheme and tips on how to get the best marks, so you know exactly what I’m looking for
  • you’ll receive individual feedback on your assessment
  • if you’re not successful with your assessment, feedback will include personalised tips on how to improve
  • you have three chances to pass your assessment in a three-month period, so there is no pressure.

Important: The course will cost a total of £105; you must register an account and agree with the learning agreement before participating.

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