Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK Partnership.

Phoenix therapy is proud to announce that it is now in partnership with Anxiety UK. Thanks to this partnership we can now offer hypnotherapy services to all Anxiety UK members.

Phoenix therapy aims to provide a wide range of services to people who are experiencing anxiety. Anxiety can cover a multitude of issues that can hinder our everyday lives, we therefore, aim to provide the client with appropriate treatment to lessen anxiety around any given issue.

Treatment will involve:

  • A consultation session and evaluation of your anxiety.
  • As many sessions as is needed.
  • Personalised CDs (if requested at £20 per CD)/relaxation CDs(if requested at £10 per CD) to help increase the chances of a successful treatment.
  • Post session tasks that are designed to build your confidence and help you regain your independence.

Members of Anxiety UK can expect find the following benefits when being referred to Phoenix therapy:

  • A fixed price structure
  • One-to-one hypnotherapy
  • Support via phone and email
  • Fast-track options
  • Evening and weekend appointments available by appointment.

To ensure that we comply with Anxiety UK's mission to provide affordable therapy for all of its members, we operate according to their free structure. This fee structure is based upon income; simply put, the more you earn the more you pay in the way of fees. Again, in the interest of fairness, we ask for proof of income brought to the first session to ensure that we are charging you the correct amount.

The fee structure is as follows:

Anxiety UK  fee category

Fee rate per session

Tier 1 eligibility criteria:

Total household income or individuals with savings under £6,000  and/or in receipt of the following:

  • Jobseekers allowance including contribution base, income-based jobseeker's allowance
  • Income support
  • ESA
  • Carers and disability allowance.
  • Individuals living on a state pension only.

Evidence must be provided.

£15 pounds face-to-face


 £12 pounds phone / WebCam


Tier 2 eligibility criteria:


Total household income and/or savings of between £6,000 and £15,999


Those on a programme of full-time study & and living independently


Evidence of eligibility must be provided.


£25 pounds face-to-face.


£20 phone or WebCam

Tier 3 eligibility criteria:


Total household income and/or savings of between £16,000 and £34,599


Evidence of eligibility must be provided.

£35 face-to-face


£30 phone or WebCam

Tier 4 eligibility criteria:

Total /household income and/or savings of over £35,000


Evidence of eligibility must be provided.

£50 face-to-face


£40  phone or WebCam

Please note currently that Phoenix therapy will only be offering hypnotherapy treatments initially, so we will only be offering face-to-face sessions. We do hope in the near future to be offering phone / webcam services by next year, as we expand our services.

Fast-track scheme.

Please note that if you apply for the fast-track scheme, a different set of charges will apply.

The benefit of a fast-track service is to ensure that you are put in contact with the therapist within one working day from receipt of the initial referral. This is to arrange the initial consultation which will take place seven working days thereafter. This service also means that you do not have to be a member of Anxiety UK, you only be referred by them.

The pricing structure for the fast-track scheme is as follows:

Anxiety UK Fast-track service


Fast-track referral




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